E is for Ecology, sustainability, love & respect for the environment.
C is for Collaborative, Collectivity, Consciousness, Cross-Culture
U is for Urban, landscape, regeneration, renewal. For the Unconventionality & Universality.
A is for Architecture, Art, Awarness, Action.
L is for the Lab: a Laboratory for everyday Life Landscape.


ECUALab was founded in 2016 as an open and collaborative workshop on architecture, landscape, urban design and urban regeneration.
Our work focuses in providing innovative, sustainable, yet cost efficient and affordable,  design solutions while ensuring flawless execution for each of our projects.


the Team

Maria Peteinaki

Maria Peteinaki is an architect, a graduate of the National Technical University of Athens and has been active since 2004. In 2006 she co-founded the architecture office oddworks, in 2012 ATAthens, a collective group focused on creating new narratives for Athens and empowering local communities. Since 2016 she has co-founded the architecture group ECUAL. She was a also a production assistant at the Sound Development City project in 2015 and at the Athens Biennale in 2018. Since 2021, Mikilio, a social cooperative focused on the principles of regeneration, degrowth and permaculture, has been organized. She participates in this cooperative with the project RECUAL, an initiative for the recycling and upcycling of renovation materials and the introduction of ecological building techniques and materials into the urban environment. She has devoted a large part of her time and energy to the commons and the city, organizing urban cultural events, actions, participatory design workshops, neighborhoods and researching environmental policies towards social ecology and degrowth. She is now focusing this political energy into Circle, a queer ecofeminist party in the making. She is studying a postgraduate program on environmental design of buildings and city at the Hellenic open university.

Myron Korsavas

Myronas Korsavas is a graduate of the NTUA School of Architecture, with interests in the environment, ecology, gender issues, physical construction, collectivization, community, gardening, permaculture, cooking, sketching, comics, yoga, drag, degrowth, etc.

He perceives architecture as an object strongly political, beyond technical and artistic. In academic contexts he has dealt with the correlation of architecture with the theory of degrowth. His thesis involved the design of a municipal decentralized recycling, reuse and composting complex, with an emphasis on the social, political and ecological implications of the design. With his diploma, he also participated in the Athens Science Festival in 2019.

Outside of academia, he has attended seminars on natural building and natural cultivation, while he has been a volunteer and member of the Athens Makerspace, a space for creators with a variety of equipment and the goal of promoting DIY culture as well as widening the accessibility of common and innovative tools. In these contexts he mainly dealt with the use of the laser cutter and the open source machines of precious plastic. He has also done an internship at the architectural office B612 Associates in Brussels. He is part of Mikilio Cooperative and Recual Project since 2021, and working at ECUAL since 2022.

Eirini Christofaki

Irini Christofaki studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. She has a long experience working in architectural and construction offices and since 2006 as a freelance architect. Her interest in ecology and sustainable architecture led her to participate in several seminars and courses such as ecological school of agriculture, natural building and bio climatic architecture (cob) etc. She also worked for 2 years with “doctors without borders” on the sector that addressed the refugee crisis, at the logistics department. She has a deep interest and has been involved with music, art, natural way of living, crafts and creations using traditional methods such as looms, knitting, sewing etc. She is part of the ECUAL team since 2018.


Anka Arvanitidi

Anna Chalina Arvanitidis studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Agricultural University of Athens. Her interest in art and environmental protection led her to research the role of plants in bioclimatic architecture as well as to participate in educational programs (physical education, floriculture seminars, etc.). She has professionally dealt with museographic studies, building and gardening projects in public as well as private institutions. She has also participated in the research team of the Goudi Metropolitan Park of the Democritus University of Thrace. She has been a scholar of the Indonesian Government completing an annual course on the properties and applications of bamboo. She also participated in a training program on natural agriculture in Nepal. At conferences and workshops she has conducted talks on “The integration of music into contemporary landscape design” and “Redefining the public spaces in modern urban centers”.




A 53 – Vasiliki Arabatzaki

Ntovros Vasilis

Marvina Siniari
Efrosyni Tsiritaki