Thisseio II

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Same plan, different proposal

collaboration ECUAL + hiboux architecture

The project began after a trip by the owners to Anafi, an island in Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, where they were inspired by the delights and architectural curves of the place. The goal was not to make a Cycladic apartment in the center of Athens, but to use the curves freely, in a way that would make a truly warm and playful space. The apartment at Thisseio II, originally designed in the 1960s, is organized around an intricate circular layout of the spaces with their vistas, reminding a courtyard. The shower – like a summer shower – is open at the top. The volume of space in the toilet is playful, as the goal was not to become an awkward volume in the living room, but rather as an interesting architectural element that one wants to visit, and which also uses curves in another dimension. The challenge for the second room was to take advantage of the view to the Acropolis. By designing a window, in addition to the visual escape, an interesting living room corner was created. This room can either be closed and private or remain open and integrated with the main space next to the kitchen area.  An important element of the study is the customer’s involvement in it.

Design Maria Peteinaki – Dimitris Theodoropoulos

Photos Stratis Vogiatzis

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