Dowry house in Athens

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Here is a low budget renovation of a 98m2 flat from the 60ties in Athens. Most of the original elements and details of the interior have been maintained and renovated to emphasize the character of the stylish decade. ‘Memory’ is actually the leading concept of the project. The memory of the owner’s beloved grandma is marked by some pieces of the traditional Greek dowry she had crocheted. Instead of laying forever in a box, as it mostly happens, the white laces are displayed and used (curtains etc.). The intensive colors of some walls accentuate them while symbolize the memory of the carefree moments at the Aegean seaside. Toys and puns here and there remind about our ‘inner child’, complementing the relaxing atmosphere.

Exposing the personality of the owner and of the flat itself are crucial in this project, yet few necessary structural interventions were done. The wall dividing the living room was demolished to make the main space more open and to improve its natural lighting. The opening between the kitchen and the hall has been done for the same reasons.  New heating installation has been constructed, using external copper pipes. Copper plumbing elements are also used as hangers, being part of the whole ‘functional playfulness’ concept.

Photos: Stratis Vogiatzis

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