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The apartment is 70sqm and is located in Kypseli Limits with Patisia, in a typical block of flats. It was bought by a group of 3 friends from abroad, who often come to Greece and wanted a base in Athens for their families and friends. The design was a result of a co-creative process between 3 owners and 2 architects. The desire of all was the refurbishment to highlight the authentic style of the apartment, which as architects seek anyway in our interventions on existing real estate.

Mosaic floors, covered with plastic tiles, were cleared and polished while wooden floors were repaired and polished. The marble sink was preserved in the same position and framed with new oak veneer cupboards. Plaster decorative elements in the living room and bedroom wardrobe were maintained, while wooden windows were upgraded energetically.

The bathroom, small and dark with storage space above, was re-shaped, with “Marble Monocondilia” which, with an oblique layout, connects the washbasin to the shower, to maximize this space.

The kitchen opened to the hallway in order to improve the functionality and natural lighting of all central spaces. The hallway turned into a pleasant dining room. The mirror placed in the kitchen gives a visual escape to the dishwashing process while highlighting the ratio of the sink space. At the same time, the single space looks even greater and bright.

In the two-room lounge, 2 wooden “Ontas” sofas were built, that utilize the recesses of the floor plan and answer the need to host a lot of people in the apartment. The big one hides a second bed and the space is isolated with a heavy curtain from the rest of the living room creating a semi isolated room in this area. The other Ontas has storage space.

design – construction by ECUAL

Anka Arvanitidi – Maria Peteinaki

photos Vicky Antonara

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