K Petralona

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This 55sqm apartment is in Kato Petralona, ​​on the first floor of a stylish apartment building of the 70’s. Its existing layout was relatively good with the two rooms to the south, spacious, and bright, while the kitchen, hallway, bathroom, to the north, were relatively small, with their openings being dark skylights. The aim was to upgrade these dark spaces.

Without any structural interventions (demolition) but only a small movement of the bathroom door, these issues were solved with the colors and the proper organization for better use of the spaces. The tiny bathroom grows thanks to a huge mirror, and the placement of the washing machine in the hall, next to the wardrobe/library. The kitchen was in a good condition and our aim was to preserve the quality features of the apartment. We maintained the existing cupboards and marbles and added a new side to the kitchen.

The colors are bright and cheerful, broken with black stripes which follow and emphasize the architectural elements of the original decoration. The rhythm is given by the old cabinets and the kitchen table.

The two large bright rooms remain without interference, refreshed and white, offering spaces with a calmer atmosphere.

design – construction by ECUAL

Anka Arvanitidi – Maria Peteinaki

photos Vicky Antonara

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    K Petralona
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