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It’s a 71 sq rental apartment renovation in Kypseli. The building had a lot of good features like quality floors, nice tiles, and kitchen, so the issue was to maintain a maximum of the existing elements but still upgrade as much as possible the apartment.

The kitchen was very dark and small, and the entrance was a lost space. The main intervention was to demolish 2 walls to expand and lighten the entrance and the kitchen. The kitchen is kept but we extended the cupboards with the old style.

The bathroom needed new pipes, but the old tiles and part of the mosaic floor were kept wherever that was possible. The diagonal was introduced to respond to the plumbing demands and the storage above was cut in a parallel manner, to bring height in the bathroom. The exiting black line and colors were kept and gave the character to the new design

Wooden windows were kept as well and were upgraded energetically.

design Maria Peteinaki

Photos Stratis Vogiatzis

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