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Collaboration with hiboux architecture.

Here the initial apartment, although with a good orientation was rather dark. The main need was to bring the light in. Then the clients needed 1 bedroom but also a living room that could transform itself into a closed guest room. The solution was given with the use of heavy curtains that separate the space. The demolition of some walls and creation of openings, permitted the light to enter, from both sides, creating so a very bright result.

Elements preexisting were used again. The mesh entrance separation was as the radiators, the kitchen was kept, refurbished and enlarged with new elements, lights were preserved, The Tinos marble of the radiators covers was reused and transformed into  coffee tables, while the material was used for the kitchen too. The dark green velvet curtain is inspired by the 70’s chairs that were found in the apartment and too.

This apartment in Thissio was a result of the reflection upon the elements that make the typical 70’s Athenian apartment. How can we acknowledge them, keep some elements and use them in our own way.

Design Maria Peteinaki – Dimitris Theodoropoulos  www.hiboux.gr

Photos by Stratis Vogiatzis

thumbnail photo by Martin Hemmi


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