Tale hunting

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“Tale hunting”

On the occasion of the workshops held by the Caravan project in Metaxourghio in November, there was a need for more games, space for children, for visualization and identification of the different uses in the neighborhood, stories and communities, the need to create something interactive and something that will help to further discover the neighborhood.

Thus began the creation of an urban game, which, like a treasure hunt, will lead you from place to place, creating a trail of the research conducted under the Caravan project and not only.

Below is a detailed description of the key features of the game:

goal of the game:

enriching the experience of urban space / create interaction between social groups that coexist in the region / creation of spaces for children/ acquaintance with the history and the structure of the city today / creation of new social relations / improving social cohesion

Target audience:

  • children and adults (3-100 years)
  • Residents and workers in the region
  • visitors for recreation, ride


Α discovery οf Metaxourgeio through fragments / portions of the area that make up a story. This route has no beginning nor end. It is a circular route which ends when the players go through 9 different points and return to where they started. In order to complete the circular route one must decode the visual puzzle located in the public area that sends one to different places of the area, associated with the use, history and / or residents of the immediate neighborhood.

What does it consist of:

  • artistic interventions – games – puzzles in selected locations of the public space, which have the form of graffiti on the wall or on the floor and / or installations.
  • characteristic spatial marking to each intervention point
  • QR codes http://goqr.me/qr-code-logo/ in each intervention point, mentioning an online platform that includes information about the area in texts or pictures or sounds, or videos from the Caravan Project
  • people in surroundings that can help solving / promoting the development of the game


The clues are parts of a route that the players discover gradually. Each place gives you hints through the visual puzzle for the next stop. At each place, the player can get help from someone who is on the spot and can ask about the game or through the QR code get in the internet to get the relevant information and / or information about the location and see the relevant material from the Caravan Project when there is.


How many can play? It can be played by individuals or groups of people of all ages. Each age has a different and engaging way.

Each artistic intervention can operate as an independent traditional children’s game (hopscotch, labyrinth, etc.) addressed to the neighborhood children. The number is determined each time by the nature of the game.

The hunt game concerns older children and adults, individually or in groups. Τhere is no limit to the number of participants in each group


The project was presented for archpoints. 



Τhe game is organized by

Anka Arvanitidi, Georgia Nikolakopoulou, Nikos Nikolopoulos, Maria Peteinaki, Effrosini Tsiritaki, Stella Maria Tselepi

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  • date:
    November 2016 - today
  • location:
    Metaxourgeio - Kerameikos
  • field:
    community projects
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