Standing wall

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Another collaboration between ECUAL and hiboux architecture for the renovation of a small apartment in Thissio.

The central idea was to open up the kitchen to the main space, to make it more sustainable. It was decided not to tear down all the walls, but the few that allow the best use of the space, and more opening to the light.

While the changes were significant, the reuse of materials was also extensive. The old kitchen was incorporated into a new design, although it was melamine with a stainless sink. Old marble skirting boards were used in combination with new ones as kitchen backsplashes. Natural materials were integrated with the new plastering of the wall with lime mortar and tadelakt. The bathroom was made bigger by creating a hole in the wall to enlarge the shower, and while the intention was to keep the tiles and sanitary ware, pressed cement mortar was installed in the end.

The concept of reuse was well incorporated into the design by choosing to keep elements, reuse others, while the furniture is from reto hellas.

Design by Maria Petinaki, Dimitris Theodoropoulos, Miron Korsavas

Manufactured by RECUAL supervised by Irini Christofaki

lime plaster, tadelakt Nikiforos Papoutsopoulos RECUAL

demolition, construction, plastering, plumbing, marble, SYMA cooperative

Photos by Stratis Vogiatzis

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