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This 2- floor apartment was originally designed by Antonakakis, and build in 1970. The entrance and the façade still have the elements that are characteristic of Studio 66 style. Unfortunately, as the building was old and needed a renovation already in 2006, the former owner didn’t keep elements arrangement or any material from the original design.

Our initial goal was to get some inspiration from the initial design, and keep as much as possible from the existing design, but to introduce a new style, representative of the needs and taste of the new owner. A mixture of Antonakakis, Greek islands and Japan came outfront.  

The main challenge was to change the living room in a position towards the view instead of the fireplace which will not be used, but keeping the possibility to use it at some point.

The other important change was to elevate and open the rooftop room in a position direct to the terrace, in order to have an ample view and light.

The design of the rooftop was crucial, with build-in benches, wooden elements, pergolas and plant-pots, united with blue cement floor,the aim was to create different corners to sit and appreciate the different views, create privacy where needed and be open to different possibilities, like projections on the neighboor wall, parties or dinners.

Apartment Design Maria Peteinaki, Myron Korsavas

Rooftop design Anka Arvanitidi

Supervision Anka Arvanitidi, Myron Korsavas, Maria Peteinaki

Construction Satolias Kyriakos TEKT E.E.

Photos Anja Burse

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